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NYC Judges to Hear Immigrant Child Cases

August 14, 2014  |  Posted by: JammedUp
NYC Judges to Hear Immigrant Child Cases

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Illegal immigrant children will be their getting cases heard by New York City immigration judges. Many of the judges are known for being very lenient.

President Obama appointed judge Frank Loprest who is one of the most lenient in the country with an 88% record for granting asylum, way above the 50% average, according to the Daily News. Currently the top 6 most lenient judges are all from New York City.

Since 2009 New York City in total has a 80% record of granting asylum. Los Angeles has a 40% record and Houston, Texas 30%.

Noemi Masliah, an immigration attorney, told the Daily News, “Any immigrant seeking asylum, their fate appears to rest on one American adage: Location, Location, Location.”

The court will be a key factor in the immigration crisis on the southern border. Since October 63,000 children from Central American Countries have crossed. When Detained at the border, they are given a court date and then released to relatives in the United States.

New York’s docket cases have surged and will be one of the most likely places for theses kids. Many experts say New York has a high rate of success for asylum seekers because of the amount of immigrants that are from asylum-favored countries such as China.

For those seeking asylum and are denied it’s likely because they do not have an immigration attorney representing them. For most, they don’t know where to turn when searching for an attorney, especially when they are not from the U.S. originally. Having the proper legal representation can make a world of difference.

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