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U.S. and Britain on Terror Alert

August 29, 2014  |  Posted by: JammedUp
U.S. and Britain on Terror Alert

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Image Courtesy of BBC News – UK


The British government have raised their alert level to severe, indicating that a terror attack from the group ISIS is indeed likely.

David Cameron in a press conference this morning, “with ISIS, we are facing a terrorist organization not being hosted in a country but actually seeking to establish and violently expand it’s own terrorist state”.

Although there is no specific threat, the Severe Threat Level indicates a terrorist attack is highly likely, while the U.S. terror alert has remained elevated.

“This is not some foreign conflict thousand of miles away that we can ignore” said Cameron, It is a threat to our national security.”

The UK is experiencing a number of it’s own citizens who have become radicalized and the government is aware of the serious threat ISIS poses to the Great Britain.

The Prime Minister spoke clearly about the “poisonous ideology of Islamic extremism” recognizing that there are anywhere from 500 to 1,000 British citizens who carrying british passports fighting for ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The United Kingdom has taken aggressive steps to negate this threat by seizing passports and preventing citizens from traveling abroad and depriving others of citizenship.

Cameron went on to say that further steps are needed and that he will work on legislation. This will prevent people from traveling to fight for terrorist organizations, which will make it easier to tackle that Ideology of Islamic extremism head-on.”

The elevated terror alert comes after a laptop seized from a ISIS hideout in Northern Syria that provided a treasure trove of disturbing information. The owner of the laptop is a Tunisian man who studied chemistry and physics at 2 universities in Tunisia.

According to a moderate Syrian rebel commander, the owner of the laptop is known as Muhammed S. A Tunisian man who studied chemistry and physics at 2 universities in Tunisia.

The  laptop contained information including ideological writings and instructions about eluding detection as well as copies of a Fatwa, which is an Islamic ruling, which  issued by Saudi cleric which read:

If muslims cannot kill the non-believers then it is permissible to use weapons of mass destruction even if it means they are wiped out as well as their descendants.”

The most shocking revelation however details how the man was teaching himself  how to weaponize the Bubonic Plague from infected animals as well as how to develop biological weapons.

Further details also indicated the man was planning a catastrophic terror attack using biological agents as weapons.

The comments made by the Prime Minister were firm and clearly pointed out the problem compared to President Obama, who declared that the Administration did not have a clear plan. Military planners including the Joint Chiefs are saying to defeat ISIS, they must be confronted in Syria and favor a more aggressive air campaign, which extends into the Syrian border.

The elevated terror threat level has evidently spooked the U.K. and maybe it’s time the President stops playing golf and deals with this in a serious manner.

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