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Texas Judge Rules Against Anti-Abortion Law

August 30, 2014  |  Posted by: JammedUp
Texas Judge Rules Against Anti-Abortion Law

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On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Lee Yeakel ruled that a key part in the Texas Law HB2, which was passed last year, is unconstitutional. The ruled on component of the law would have led to the closings of most of the abortion clinics in the state, leaving less than 7 clinics that would have been available to women seeking abortions.

The HB2 was scheduled to take effect on Monday. The Judge’s decision concluded that the law would impose a difficult burden on women in an “incompatible way within the guiding principles of personal freedoms and privacy protected by the U.S. Constitution that haven’t been seen since Roe v Wade was passed”.

Judge Lee Yeakel also ruled that the provision of the law called the “ambulatory-surgical requirement”, combined with the already in effect “admitting privileges requirement,” creates a “brutally effective system of regulation that reduces access to abortion clinics.”  He further added that the law would “impose an unconstitutional undue burden on women throughout Texas and must be enjoined.”

The law would have required clinics to provide hospital level standards, which supporters argue protects the health and safety of women. Currently many clinics have stopped offering abortions because of other parts of the law, which has already been upheld in the 5th Circuit Federal Court in New Orleans. This will be the court where the State will seek a reversal for the second time.

The suit was filed by advocacy groups including the Center for Reproductive Rights. The organization’s President, Nancy Northrup commented on the ruling saying, “Today’s decision has stripped away the pretexts of the politicians who passed the law and their true intentions to deny women in Texas access to safe and legal abortion care.”

Democratic State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis is a staunch backer of the abortion law and had launched a 13 hour filibuster that made national headlines. The filibuster also helped launch her campaign for governor. Davis posted her reaction to the verdict on Twitter, tweeting, “Today’s decision is a victory for women and Women’s Healthcare.”

Texas is known to have some of the stricter regulations when it comes to abortion. This controversial law, which drew national attention after it was passed by the Texas State Legislature last year, would have imposed additional rigorous regulations on abortions.

A spokesman from the States Attorney General released a statement saying “the state disagrees with the court’s ruling and will appeal the case in the 5th circuit, which has held up parts of the law already.”

Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, who is in favor of the law, represented the State and is viewed as the GOP front runner and possible Davis challenger for Governor.

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