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The Islamic State using Edward Snowden leaked Documents to Avoid Intel Agencies

September 7, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
The Islamic State using Edward Snowden leaked Documents to Avoid Intel Agencies Image courtesy of ovguide.com

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The Islamic State are capitalizing on the top-secret disclosures that were released by NSA leaker Edward Snowden says Chris Inglis, who was the former deputy director at the National Security Agency.

ISIS and Al-qaeda agents are alluding U.S. intelligence because the information that Snowden leaked included how the U.S. intelligence agencies monitor internet communications, emails and social media.

Asked by The Washington Times if the Islamic State has studied Mr. Snowden’s documents and taken action, Mr. Inglis answered, “Clearly.”

“Having disclosed all of those methods, or at least some degree of those methods, it would be impossible to imagine that, as intelligent as they are in the use of technology, in the employment of communications for their own purposes, it’s impossible to imagine that they wouldn’t understand how they might be at risk to intelligence services around the world, not the least of which is the U.S. And they necessarily do what they think is in their best interest to defend themselves,” he said.

Another former official also bemoans the damage Mr. Snowden has done.

Retired Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden ran the NSA when al Qaeda struck on Sept. 11, 2001. He moved to modernize technology and methodology in an agency that some internal critics said “had gone deaf” in the 1990s.

A former military official said some Islamic State operators have virtually disappeared, giving no hint as to their whereabouts or actions.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi benefited from Snowden’s leaked classified information. U.S. intelligence thought that they had killed him several times but turns out he passed his communication devices on to someone else.

Snowden’s documents provided exact details on how the U.S. track Al-Qaeda operatives. Officials believe that Islamic State operatives reading the Snowden documents and news stories understand types of communications to avoid any tips on making them more secure.

One disclosed document stated how the NSA found bin Laden’s hideout because one of bin-Laden’s confidant mentioned of the living conditions unknowingly, which the NSA intercepted.

Snowden still remains a fugitive and was granted asylum in Russia by Vladimir Putin.

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