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Mike Tyson Rushes To Assist Motorcycle Crash Victim

September 22, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Mike Tyson Rushes To Assist Motorcycle Crash Victim Image courtesy of radiofacts.com

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Many in the press are always quick to report anytime Mike Tyson has one of his moments, whether it’s saying something controversial or cursing out some TV talk show host who is being disrespectful to the ex champs face by mentioning his past rape conviction.

Now Mike Tyson is making headlines for the right reason and many in the press should take note of.

From TMZ– It has been reported that legendary boxing champ Iron Mike Tyson rushed to help the victim of a motorcycle crash on a  Las Vegas freeway last week.

Ryan Chesley tells TMZ … he was on his way to Las Vegas this week when a cab cut him off on the freeway … sending him flying off his chopper.

Chesley says Tyson saw the whole thing, slammed on his brakes and stopped traffic. Chesley says Tyson mindful the victim might be in shock kept him calm until paramedics arrived.

Chesley,  who has broken bones, muscles, ligaments, nerve damage and needs shoulder surgery tells TMZ he’s sending Tyson a thank you note and a fruit basket.

Mike Tyson he can hurt you bad, and help you good.

Mike Tyson has done good deeds in the past from setting up charitable foundations to recognizing the great achievements legendary boxing champion Kid Gavilan. Who when he died was buried in a poor mans grave.

Tyson helped pay to exhume Gavilan’s grave and gave him a proper burial with a headstone suitable for a great champion. This without all the fanfare.

Hats off to Mike Tyson, his good deeds should be recognized in the press more often.

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