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Florida Man Killed and Had Sex With Roommate’s Corpse Arrested In BarberShop Getting “Shaped-Up”

November 1, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Florida Man Killed and Had Sex With Roommate’s Corpse Arrested In BarberShop Getting “Shaped-Up” Image courtesy of mirror.co.uk

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Cops arrested a Florida man as he sat in a barber chair while receiving a haircut, just hours after he had allegedly murdered his roommate and had sex with her corpse.

Bryan Santana, 20, was arrested and is being held without bail in Orange County jail on first-degree murder charges after he strangled and stabbed in the neck his 23-year-old roommate Shelby Fazio, a Walt Disney World trainer originally from Lapeer, Mich.

Another roommate, John Hermans had walked in on Santana at 9 a.m. Tuesday and witnesses blood smeared across the hallway before Santana attacked him as well, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Santana allegedly pepper-sprayed Hermans and attacked him with a knife, police said. But he was able to fight free and call authorities.

Cops caught up with Santana two hours later at an Orlando barber shop.

He came in, got a haircut,” Bernard Brown of Euro Cuts Barbershop told the Sentinel.

“He complimented the shop, he liked the shop. He’d be back. He was in a rush. He had a hot movie date. He was going with a young lady. He wanted to impress. He wanted to get cleaned up.”

Police arrested Santana at the barber shop, but not before he tipped Brown $15.

Santana showed up at his arraignment with close-cropped temples and a stylish beard.

Inside the apartment, Santana reportedly wrote on a piece of broken sheetrock : “Not sorry for what I did.”

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