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Halle Berry to Gabriel Aubry: How Can You Not Get a Modeling Gig?! I Pay Your Gym Bills!

November 2, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Halle Berry to Gabriel Aubry: How Can You Not Get a Modeling Gig?! I Pay Your Gym Bills! Image courtesy of radaronline.com

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According to TMZ, Gabriel Aubry is fighting Halle Berry’s attempt to slash his child support by more than 400%, because her husband beat the crap out of him so bad he can’t get work, but the photos tell a different story.

Image courtesy of TMZ.com

Image courtesy of TMZ.com

TMZ has obtained documents filed in their never-ending custody and support war. Berry is trying to reduce Aubry’s child support for 6-year-old Nahla from $16K a month to around $3,800 a month.

Aubry is referring to the Thanksgiving day fight that occurred in the driveway of Berry’s home in 2012, where he accused Olivier Martinez of a sucker punch that made mincemeat out of Aubry’s face.

Image courtesy of closermag.fr

Image courtesy of closermag.fr

Gabriel claims it took him 6 months to heal before he could possibly work again, and since then he’s only gotten 3 modeling jobs.

However, TMZ gained access to photos of Gabriel taken 6 weeks after the fight there was barely a sign of injury.

Berry rips Gabriel as a deadbeat who is using child support to avoid having to work. She says, “There is no case, no law, no logic that says a healthy, active man gets to simply live off child support that the wealthier mother earns.”

And in Halle’s docs, her lawyer, Steve Kolodny, says Gabriel uses monthly child support for his own needs, including:

$740 a month for Gabriel’s “Fitness”
$940 a month in clothing (Gabriel lists Nahla’s clothing expenses separately — $675 a month)
$700 a month for Gabriel’s health insurance
$1,975 a month in car expenses
$1,100 a month in furniture and electronics

Halle splits custody with Gabriel 50/50. She wants to convince a judge … during her 50% custody, Gabriel should get his lazy ass a job.

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