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President Obama Set to Break 60 Yr. Record For Worst Midterm Election Losses If Polls Are Correct

November 2, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
President Obama Set to Break 60 Yr. Record For Worst Midterm Election Losses If Polls Are Correct Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

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In what could be another negative mark on President Obama’s legacy, Tuesday’s midterm elections could end with the Commander-in-Chief overseeing the worst successive midterm elections losses in the last 64 years.

Beginning in 2010, the Democrats lost 63 House seats, which lead to the balance of power shifting to the GOP within the House of Representatives.

Come Tuesday, the Dems could be on the verge of ceding power of the Senate to the Republicans, which will mean major losses in two successive midterm elections for President Obama.

Majority of recent polls suggest the Democrats are in big trouble this election. In the House, polls are predicting Dems losing anywhere from 5 to 12  seats. Some analysts are even saying that number could be higher according to the Washington Times.

The result would take the President’s total losses in House mid-terms to a record 67 seats, overtaking President Dwight Eisenhower’s record of 66 seats lost. The result pales in comparison to his predecessors, George W Bush, who had a tally of 22 seats lost in the midterms, Bill Clinton, who lost 49 and Ronald Reagan who lost 31 seats, according to the Daily Caller.

In the battle for the Senate Majority, Democrats could see a loss between 5 to 10 seats and if it is a tsunami for the GOP that number could go even higher. Republicans only need a net gain of 5 seats to assume control of the Senate.

The losses would take President Obama’s total Senate loses to between 11 and 16, the Daily Mail said.

Under Pres. George W Bush, the GOP lost five senate seats in the midterms, and seven under Pres. Reagan, while under Pres. Clinton, the Democrats lost 8 seats and Eisenhower, lost a total of 13 seats in the Senate, according to Cheryl K. Chumley writing in the Washington Times.

President Obama recently explained the mid-term elections with clarity, “Make no mistake about it, Im not on the ballot this election but my policies are.“ Come Tuesday those policies certainly will be on the ballot and if the polls are correct, he may not like what voters think about those policies.

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