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Member Of Seal Team That Killed Bin Laden Under Criminal Investigation for Releasing Book

November 3, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Member Of Seal Team That Killed Bin Laden Under Criminal Investigation for Releasing Book Image courtesy of nypost.com

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On Wednesday, the man who shot and killed Osama Bin Laden is set to appear on a FOX News special, “The Man Who Killed Bin Laden”. This will be the first time he will be revealing himself to the world.

Since the announcement, Pentagon officials have come out against the soldier participating in the 2-part documentary series, which airs on Wednesday night.

Another seal, who participated in the raid and was actually the 2nd man behind the “Shooter” had written a book about the raid and has conducted interviews with CBS’ “60 Minutes”.
He has since come under intense government scrutiny for the book and has become the target of a criminal investigation.

Matt Bissonnette, who published “No Easy Day” in 2012 under the alias Mark Owen, said on CBS’s “60 Minutes” that federal officials are considering charging him with disclosing classified information in the book.

Bissonnette admits he should have had a manuscript of the book reviewed by military censors but said the mistake was due to bad legal advice.

Bissonette, who was a member of the Seal Team Six, has been on 13 deployments including the Bin-Laden raid.
They include many to Afghanistan, Iraq and the famous mission that freed Captain Richard Phillips held hostage by Somali pirates in 2009.

On Sunday, the former Seal conducted his second interview with 60 Minutes, this time he details the backlash he has received since he gave 60 minutes his first interview over the book and the scrutiny he is receiving from not just the government, but also from the Navy Seal community.

Bissonnette says in the interview he would rather fight ISIS face to face than what he has gone through in the last two years.

He has since been excommunicated by the SEAL leadership and has been hit with mounting legal bills because of the book and for breaking the code of silence by being the first SEAL to talk about it publicly, in the first 60 Minutes interview he gave in 2012.

In both interviews, “60 Minutes” disguised his appearance and his voice for his safety. In 2012 he gave host Scott Pelley a walk through on the assault on bin Laden’s compound and how it went down. Bissonette said he was in line right behind the SEAL who shot bin Laden first.

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