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Gym Instructor and Mother of Two Excited About New Beginnings Gunned Down By Ex Boyfriend In Murder Suicide

November 5, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Gym Instructor and Mother of Two Excited About New Beginnings Gunned Down By Ex Boyfriend In Murder Suicide Image courtesy of 6abc.com

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A woman was shot dead by her former boyfriend on Monday before the man then turned the gun on himself.

Jacinda Miller, of Sadsbury, Pennsylvania, was leaving her car and heading into her job as a fitness instructor at the YMCA when Dennis Cassel murdered her.

Cassel reportedly told a bystander to call 911 and stood by her body until police arrived on the scene, before putting the gun to his head and firing one shot when the first officer began to approach him.

Miller and Cassel were rushed to Brandywine Hospital where they were both pronounced dead.

Officials told Daily Local News that it was clear that Cassel’s plan was premeditated.

This all happened just days after Miller wrote on her Facebook page on October 28, ‘New beginnings!!! Getting excited.’

On October 21 however, Miller did not seem as happy, telling her followers she was ‘pissed off.’

She detailed that in her comments section, telling one of her friends, she would ‘always have an emptiness.’

Miller, 41, had two sons and was described by all who knew her as one of the nicest and kindest people they had ever met.

‘She was always laughing and just happy. Playing air guitar and head banging along with the music while teaching combat. Her biggest joy was her two boys though. She was Miss Football Mom!’ said Sara Davidge, one of Miller’s co-workers.

‘She’s going to be missed by so many. I don’t think she knew just exactly how many people’s lives she touched. We all loved her.’

Jim Schnaitman, Miller’s neighbor of four years, said, ‘She’s a great person, she’s got two great kids, and I couldn’t believe anybody would do something like that to her. He also told ABC 6 that Cassel seemed like a completely normal guy, saying he had recently been having beers and enjoying a bonfire with the 42-year-old.

Cassel did not have a criminal record, and there are no recorded incidents of domestic violence between the couple.

The boys are currently in the custody of their father, Miller’s ex-husband.

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