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Child Molester Jumps Bail and Rapes 6 Women Across six States

November 11, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Child Molester Jumps Bail and Rapes 6 Women Across six States Image courtesy of denver.cbslocal.com

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A man charged in the rape of a 13-year-old girl – who has been accused of jumping bail and is suspected of then raping women in six states – was photographed with an apparent smirk on his face during his court appearance on Monday.

Massachusetts prosecutors argued to Judge Janet Kenton-Walker to keep the man, Gregory Lewis, locked up at a dangerousness hearing while he awaits trial.

Authorities say Lewis cut off his court-ordered electronic monitoring device and fled Massachusetts after being charged in a 13-year-old girl’s rape.

He was apprehended in New York last month after what police called a cross-country crime spree.

Lewis is suspect in the robbery and rape of female escorts in Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Oregon, North Carolina and Utah, Massachusetts state police have said.

During a court hearing Monday, prosecutor Courtney Sans asked a judge to find that Lewis, 26, of Southbridge, is a danger to the community and to continue to hold him without bail.

Sans said ‘Based on the nature of his crimes here and his subsequent acts, I would say he is a danger to the community,’ according to Masslive.com. ‘Any bail is unlikely to ensure his return to the commonwealth.’

A Southbridge police officer, identified by Masslive.com as Sgt. Carlos Dingui, testified Monday that he and state police continue to hear from other police departments around the country.

Lewis’ attorney, Michael Hussey, said he knows it’s unlikely Lewis will be released on bail.

But Hussey objected to labeling Lewis as dangerous, saying doing so would deprive Lewis of his constitutional right to be presumed innocent.

‘What I’m concerned about is the label,’ he said in court, Masslive.com reported. ‘These allegations impinge upon his right to be presumed innocent.’

Judge Janet Kenton-Walker did not immediately rule. She said she will issue her ruling within the next day or so.

Lewis pleaded not guilty last week to 17 charges stemming from the alleged rape of the 13-year-old girl and the alleged beating of his stepfather.

Massachusetts state police have said Lewis told several people that his goal was to return to Massachusetts to kill his 13-year-old accuser.
Another hearing was scheduled for December 15.

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