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Man who Lived In Basement of House of Horrors, Where Three Dead Babies Were Found Said He Had No Idea

November 13, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Man who Lived In Basement of House of Horrors, Where Three Dead Babies Were Found Said He Had No Idea Image courtesy of bostonglobe.com

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The man who lived in the basement of a squalid house of horrors where the remains of three babies were found spoke out Wednesday for the first time, saying he was unaware of the “inhuman” and “unbelievable” conditions his children were living in because he was not allowed upstairs.

“I was crushed that she would do that,” a trembling and crying Raymond Rivera said, following a brief court appearance in Uxbridge District Court. “I never saw the infant at all.”

Rivera, who was the father of at least two of the children removed from that house, has not been charged with neglecting the children or in connection with the infant remains. However he was charged with three counts of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Rivera, 37, did not have a lawyer Wednesday and said he will have to use his retirement money to help pay for one since he quit his job at an office supply store and has been living out of his car. “I’m crumbling. I’m crumbling,” said Rivera, who is also referred to as Ramon Rivera III in some public documents, as he walked away from reporters.

Erika Murray, the children’s mother, has pleaded not guilty to fetal death concealment, permitting substantial injury to a child, and child endangerment. She’s due in court in January.

Rivera, is scheduled back in court on Dec. 17, claims Murray worked hard to keep him in the dark about the dire living conditions upstairs.

He maintains that Murray told him to “go in the basement” and “stay in the basement” and never talked about her pregnancies. “Nobody outside knows what went on in that house,” Rivera said.

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families took custody of four children ranging in age from 5-months old to 13-years-old from the Blackstone home in August. The two youngest survivors were found covered in their own feces, malnourished and severely neglected. The children did not appear to have ever been taken outside the house.

The bodies of the three babies were found in the home in September. The house of horrors, that is owned by Rivera’s sister, was infested with vermin. Rooms were filled with trash, soiled diapers ¬†and even the remains of several animals. It has since been condemned and demolished.f several animals. It has since been condemned and demolished.

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