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33 People Arrested in Drug Bust

November 14, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
33 People Arrested in Drug Bust

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A month-long drug bust operation in downtown Austin lands 33 people behind bars.

The area around Sabine and 4th Street was recognized as a drug market area. Residents and people visiting downtown made several complaints prompting the Austin Police Department to begin an operation.

It’s hard to believe since it’s a frequented area of downtown Austin.

FOX 7 went out with APD last week and got it all on camera.

Thirty three people were arrested on 48 different charges. We’re told the sale of narcotics is the most common crime that takes place in the downtown area.

“With narcotics comes weapons-type cases, violent crimes, assaults, robberies and things like that. So it’s not a victimless crime and we are trying to stop this from happening all over the city, but mainly in the downtown area where it was very prevalent,” says Veneza Bremner, Austin Police Department.

Twelve suspects were charged with first degree felonies, 15 with second degree felonies, 20 with third degree felonies and one was a state jail felony.

Many of those arrested have criminal records.

“These suspects don’t live in the area. They are coming from other parts of town to this specific area and taking up shop there, essentially it’s their job. So they’re coming to this area because they thought they could go undetected, which is not the case,” Bremner said.

Crossfit Central is right next to where the drug bust went down.

“From what I’ve heard, it’s like one of the worst areas in Austin now,” says Jeremy Thiel, owner of Crossfit Central.

They opened up about two years ago and are happy it is finally being cleaned up.

“To know the officers are doing a great job. You know, in the time that we’ve been here they’ve put in lights and surveillance to be able to make sure that area is being secured. So I think they’re doing a great job,” Thiel said.

This sweep is just the beginning, APD says they are working other operations in the downtown area.

The 33 suspects arrested all had previous convictions, which include 118 narcotics charges, 41 theft charges, 31 violent crimes and 18 burglary charges.

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