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Twin Brothers In Chicago tell Feds How “El Chapo” Used Planes, Trains, & Submarines To Traffic Drugs Into U.S.

November 14, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Twin Brothers In Chicago tell Feds How “El Chapo” Used Planes, Trains, & Submarines To Traffic Drugs Into U.S. Image courtesy of univision.com

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The notorious Sinaloa drug cartel used trains, planes and submarines to traffic drugs by the tons that were destined for cities in the United States.

The statements were made to Federal agents by twin brothers in Chicago who have been advising federal authorities while in the witness protection program.

The admissions of Pedro and Margarito Flores, who have been in the program for more than five years, is the first documentation of what the brothers told a federal grand jury about the massive illegal network overseen by Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman, the notorious head of Mexico’s biggest drug syndicated.

Guzman, was the world’s most-wanted drug kingpin until his February arrest by federal police and military members in Mexico.

The brothers’ revelations were released by federal authorities this week. They gave first hand accounts of the Sinaloa Cartel’s detailed drug trafficking operational system that carried thousands upon thousands of pounds of cocaine to cities including New York, Washington and Cincinnati, the Chicago Tribune reported.

According to the brothers, Guzman has fleets of 747 passenger jets with their seats removed.

The drug king would send the planes to South America filled with “humanitarian” supplies such as clothing, then pack them full of cocaine for their flight back to Mexico City, where they were off-loaded and sent toward the U.S. with the help of corrupted law enforcement officers.

Federal agents say the brothers worked closely with the Guzman’s right-hand man Alfredo Vasquez-Hernandez, who is awaiting sentencing in Chicago for what federal authorities describe as that city’s biggest drug case. They have first hand information into the cartel’s elaborate operation.

Vasquez-Hernandez, the brothers said, planned out cocaine shipments using submarines and speed boats to haul drugs via water in an attempt to evade authorities. The brothers also said they agreed to give the high-ranking cartel member $600,000 to open an exporting company that would act as a front for shipping tons of cocaine using the railway system.

The brothers agreed to cooperate with U.S. authorities following their arrests, hoping it would reduce their prison sentences.

Vasquez-Hernandez is to be sentenced before the end of the month.

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