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War Machine Laughs At Christy Mack In Court

November 15, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
War Machine Laughs At Christy Mack In Court Image courtesy of abc7chicago.com

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The MMA fighter accused of beating his pronstar girlfriend within an inch of her life appeared in court yesterday.

Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, 33, aka War Machine began laughing in court when the victim he allegedly beat and sexually assaulted described her injuries.

Image courtesy of mmaweekly.com

Image courtesy of mmaweekly.com

War Machine was blasted by the judge after smirking during testimony from Christy Mack, his porn star ex-girlfriend.

Mack, 23, was describing the alleged attack at her Las Vegas home in August this year, breaking 18 of her bones, knocking her teeth out, fracturing a rib and rupturing her liver in the brutal attack.

The prosecutor then asked ‘was there sexual violence?’ by a prosecutor, which she replied ‘yes’, Koppenhaver began laughing, according to KLAS-TV.

A prosecutor who saw Koppenhaver’s reaction asked that court records note him ‘laughing and shaking his head’.

The fighter’s lawyer tried to object, but the judge at Clark County District Court replied ‘I watched him laugh.’

The judge charged him with an additional two felony counts to the case, including one alleging he raped Christy Mack one more time than previously alleged.

Mack and her friend, Corey Thomas, testified Koppenhaver attacked them after arriving at Mack’s residence, early on Aug. 8 and discovered them together.

Koppenhaver’s lawyer, Brandon Sua, stated he will enter a not guilty plea at his arraignment next week.

Koppenhaver attempted suicide last week. In a ranting note he wrote in prison, which was published by TMZ, he accused Mack of preparing ‘painful lies’ to tell in court.

He went on to described the accusations as ‘B.S. fantasy charges’ in a note written, claiming Mack is pursuing the charges for publicity and financial gain.

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