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Jose Canseco’s Finger Falls Off During Poker Match

November 16, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Jose Canseco’s Finger Falls Off During Poker Match Image courtesy of grantland.com

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Jose Canseco’s finger has gone through a lot lately. The same finger he recently shot off and had surgically reattached, has apparently taken another nasty turn.

While playing in a poker tournament on Thursday night, Canseco claims the finger just fell off, and witnesses corroborate his claim.

Canseco even said a person was taking video when it happened.

Here is the strange account of him shooting his finger off.-

Canseco was attempting to clean his gun on Oct. 28 when it accidentally fired and took his finger off in the process. He was hoping to keep the finger, obviously, but if we’re to believe what we’re reading he’s experienced a setback that will be difficult to overturn.

For the record, we have not seen the video, nor has it been released anywhere to our knowledge. At this point, we’re more than happy to take Canseco at his word while awaiting the next chapter in the curious story of his detached digit.

Update: Canseco posted a photo of his finger not long before it’s ultimate demise. It’s pretty much the grossest thing ever.

Image courtesy of miamiherald.com

Image courtesy of miamiherald.com


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