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Feds Launch Surprise Raid on The NFL in Search of Illegal Prescription Drugs

November 17, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Feds Launch Surprise Raid on The NFL in Search of Illegal Prescription Drugs Image courtesy of sportsnaut.com

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According to ESPN, In an effort to crack down on suspected illegal prescription drug use in the NFL, agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration reportedly administered a surprise raid on multiple traveling training staffs on Sunday.

ESPN.com’s John Barr, reporting for Outside the Lines, passed along a statement from DEA spokesperson Rusty Payne:

DEA agents are currently interviewing NFL team doctors in several locations as part of an ongoing investigation into potential violations of the Controlled Substances Act.

The Drug Enforcement Administration has a responsibility under the Controlled Substances Act to ensure that registrants who possess, prescribe and dispense controlled substances are following the law.

Among several other specific regulations concerning the handling of prescription drugs, doctors are not allowed to distribute painkillers outside the area where their practice is registered, according to Sally Jenkins and Rick Maese of The Washington Post. Moreover, team trainers are fully prohibited from handling controlled substances.

The reasoning for the raid stems from a lawsuit in May filed by more than 1,000 retired NFL players, who have alleged to be illegally given painkillers by physicians and trainers as a means to keep them on the field.

The searches, which were especially focused on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and San Francisco 49ers training staffs, were done without warrants and were “administrative in nature.” No one was expected to be arrested, per Barr’s report.

Training staffs have been under siege in the NFL over the last several years, mostly due to the handling of concussions and other serious injuries. This is the newest wrinkle in the ever-developing story, and the league could potentially find itself in major trouble if it is found to be illegally handling prescription drugs.

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