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Former Sheriff Arrested For Wife’s Murder 3 Years After Fellow Cops Ruled It a Suicide, Even Though She Was Found With Bullet In Back Of Head

November 19, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Former Sheriff Arrested For Wife’s Murder 3 Years After Fellow Cops Ruled It a Suicide, Even Though She Was Found With Bullet In Back Of  Head Image courtesy of abc7news.com

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Former Weld County sheriff’s deputy Tom Fallis was arrested on Tuesday charged with allegedly murdering his wife on New Year’s Day 2012.

Ashley Fallis, 28, died of a gunshot wound in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day.  The Evans Police Department originally ruled her death a suicide within days.

After her death, Fallis moved to Indiana with the couple’s three children.

However, family members have maintained her death was no accident and believed she was murdered.

In April, after an in depth two-year investigation, FOX31 Denver reporter Justin Joseph presented brand new evidence to Evans Police Chief Rick Brandt, prompting him to reopen the investigation into her death and instead gave it to an independent police agency.

The evidence included an eyewitness account by neighbor Nick Glover, who claimed he heard Tom Fallis, a former county corrections deputy, confess to his wife’s murder outside Glover’s window.

Glover said he shared Fallis’ confession with Evans Police Officer Michael Yates, but Yates’ reports left out the statements. Yates has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing this summer, however, now he is the subject of an internal investigation.

To make certain the investigation wasn’t skewed, the Fort Collins Police Department has been conducting the investigation.

FOX31 Denver reported last week that a Weld County grand jury had convened, hearing dozens of witness accounts including Nick Glover’s.

Then on Monday, the grand jury handed down the indictment of  Fallis for the second-degree murder of his wife.

After dropping off his three children at school Tuesday morning, police went to the home of Fallis and arrested him.

Ashley Fallis’ parents, Jenna Fox and Joel Raguindin,  left for Indiana on Monday night and are expected to take custody of the children while Fallis awaits trial.

Tom Fallis’ attorney declined to comment.

Tom Fallis was the only person home when his wife died. He also made the 911 call for help.

The next morning, he was interviewed about the shooting and repeatedly told investigators “I did not kill my wife.”

FOX31 Denver obtained a copy of the police interrogation, in which Tom Fallis gets visibly angry when asked if he had anything to do with his wife’s death.

“That wound on the back of her head, isn’t what she could do by herself Tom,” interrogator Rita Wolfe told Tom Fallis.

“Bullsh**,” Tom Fallis repeatedly yelled while slamming a water bottle on a table.

Image courtesy of kdvr.com

Image courtesy of kdvr.com

Relatives of Ashley Fallis said they saw similar anger the night of her death after Tom Fallis found out someone at the party had marijuana.

“He was irate and explosive,” said Ashley’s mother, Jenna Fox. “He was abusive with his words and he was telling us he hated us, and to ‘F everybody’ and then he went into the room and slammed the door.”

FOX31 Denver reviewed photos of the crime scene showing a bedroom in disarray, including photos knocked off the walls. Tom Fallis told investigators he and his wife never physically fought that night.  However, a witness in the home behind the Fallis’ contradicted that statement.

Image courtesy of kdvr.com

Image courtesy of kdvr.com

One police report quotes a witness identified as Chelsea Arrigo, who claims she heard Ashley Fallis scream, “Get off me. Get off me,” before the gunshot.

Fallis denied he had touched Ashley, but photos taken in as evidence during his interview showed Tom had scratch marks on his chest.

The last piece of evidence regards a statement made by one of the Fallis’ children.

The 6-year-old child told police she “saw daddy getting the gun ready” and said she “saw daddy shoot mommy.”

Police discounted the testimony because the child said she witnessed three gunshots, but  Ashley Fallis was only shot once.

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