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Black Widow of Japan Claims Her 7th Husband, Police Suspect Cyanide Poisoning

November 20, 2014  |  Posted by: Jerry Falzarano
Black Widow of Japan Claims Her 7th Husband, Police Suspect Cyanide Poisoning Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

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A woman from Japan Chisako Kakehi, 67, was arrested accused of poisoning her husband with cyanide. She is the latest of women in Japan to be termed black widow. Black widow is a female spider who devours its mate after having her way with him.

This is not the first time that she has been involved in the death of a partner. In all, seven partners have been found dead as she has collected over six and a half million dollars in insurance money and other assets.

Her partners began passing away in 1994 when her first husband passed away at the age of 54. In 2006, her second husband died of a stroke at age 69 and in 2008 her third husband died at the age of 75. In 2009 a boyfriend died due to cancer and 2012 her then fiancée died while riding a motorbike. Cyanide was detected in his body.

In December last year, husband number four fell sick suddenly at home and died less than two months after they were married. A post examination found high traces of cyanide in his blood.

This came after the September death of her 75 year old boyfriend after he fell suddenly ill while they ate at a restaurant. She has denied any involvement in any of the deaths. Jiji Press quoted Kakehi as saying she had no access to poison and was doomed by fate for all the partners she had lost.

Police believe that she may have been involved in at least some of the other deaths:
The investigator said: “We can’t say how many now…Given their advanced age, we have to proceed carefully to judge whether their deaths were actually the result of foul play or not.”
Kakehi is not the only black widow that Japan has seen.

In 2012, Kanae Kijima was sentenced to hang in the murder of three men, ages 41, 53 and 80. She gave her victims sleeping tablets and by burning charcoal briquettes, administered carbon monoxide.

She has appealed to the Japanese Supreme Court while in jail. Another woman, Miyuki Ueta, killed two men and has been sentenced to death. She has also appealed to the Supreme Court.

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