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President Obama To Announce Amnesty Plan as Homeland Security Warns of Crisis on Southern Border

November 20, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
President Obama To Announce Amnesty Plan as Homeland Security Warns of Crisis on Southern Border Image courtesy of columbian.com

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In what many are calling an overreach of his executive powers, President Barack Obama announced on Wednesday he will go around Congress and order his own federal action on immigration.

The order could spare from as many as 5 million people illegally in the U.S. From deportation and set up one of the most heated partisan confrontations of his presidency.

Obama declared that Washington has allowed America’s immigration problem “to fester for too long.”

Republicans vow to do everything possible to fight the executive action.

Obama’s announcement comes as Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson warned Wednesday that the country could face another surge  in illegal immigration as the U.S. economy picks up and as seasonal patterns change, however, he stressed they have made major progress in combatting the surge of illegal immigrant children that overwhelmed DHS earlier this year.

“We’re determined that we need to do more ourselves for border security,” Mr. Johnson said in a speech at the National Press Club. “I’m concerned about the possibility of another rise in illegal migration.”

Mr. Johnson’s focused on border security, which differs from his predecessor, former Secretary Janet Napolitano, a former Arizona governor who was steadfast in maintaining the border was secure.

This summer’s influx of illegal immigrant children and families from Central America showed just how poor the current immigration enforcement system is.

Mr. Johnson went on to predict that President Obama would take steps to increase border security as part of his planned unilateral action on immigration, which supporters hope will involve granting temporary amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants currently in the U.S.

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