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Video of Russian thugs getting floored by professional fighter protecting his wife

November 22, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Video of Russian thugs getting floored by professional fighter protecting his wife Image courtesy of mirror.co.uk

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Three Russian gangsters picked the wrong woman to harass and got what was coming to them.

Apparently, the three thugs tried dragging of all people, a professional boxer’s wife into the VIP room in the small south-western Russian town of Starokorsunskaya.

The woman’s husband, Nicolai Vlasenko, 29, who is also a martial arts expert, had gone to the bathroom and when he returned found the local gangsters harassing his wife.

According to witnesses, one of the men, Leonti Yevdokimov, 33, part of the gang blamed for a crimes committed in the district – thought it was a good idea if the boxer would want to take the matter outside. Boy was that a bad idea

Another local witness Eldar Vinogradoff, 27, said: “When they went outside, the others were there mob-handed”.

“There were at least 10 of them led by the two who thought they were real big shots. One of them took off his shirt and started squaring up to the boxer, and I don’t think he even knew what hit him when he went down like a nine pin. A second man tried to kick the boxer and but the boxer knocked him out instantly as well”.

“Then a third man joined in, and he was left staggering and on the point of collapsing after taking three blows to the head and not landing once himself.”

The rest of the crew decided it was better off not squaring off with an angry husband, who happens to be a professional fighter with hands of stone.

They instead decided to care for the three beaten thugs. As tough as they thought they were, the gangsters later then hired a lawyer to file a complaint to the local police that they had been attacked.

However police have said they are taking no action after the CCTV images showed that the man was clearly acting in self-defense and that he had been on his own against nearly a dozen people who were on the other side.

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