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Floyd Mayweather Demands Rematch Clause in Proposed Mega Fight with Pacquiao in What Could be the First 1 Billion Dollar Boxing Event

November 25, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Floyd Mayweather Demands Rematch Clause in Proposed Mega Fight with Pacquiao in What Could be the First 1 Billion Dollar Boxing Event Image courtesy of nesn.com

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Could the mega-fight the world has been demanding finally happen??

In a major development Manny Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach has disclosed that Floyd Mayweather jr. is demanding a rematch clause should he lose to Pacquiao.

PacMan put “Money” Mayweather on the spot after his dominating performance over Chris Allegri in Macau, China on Sunday.

The proposed date will be sometime in May and the venue being discussed could be the home of the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium. The site would see over 100,000 spectators attend the event.

If Pacquiao were to win the fight, it would set the scene for a second superfight, which would be scheduled next September.

Roach told the Dailymail: ‘My understanding is that Floyd is insisting on the re-match if Manny beats him, which I believe he will. That’s okay with us, and why not, given the huge amount of money which would be involved?”

The fight was expected to set a record being the first $300 million boxing match, however that may soar to a staggering one billion dollars if Pacquiao’s promoter, Top Rank’s Bob Arum manages to negotiate a deal that would see for the first time the vast Chinese television market open up to the pay-per-view event.

Imagine two Billion Dollar Fights if there is to be a rematch given that Pacquiao were to defeat Mayweather.
After his victory Sunday, Pacquiao didn’t mince his words, he basically said enough of this nonsense let’s get this done. His message to Mayweather: ‘I want this fight and it is time now to give it to all our fans. They deserve to see it.’
Mayweather has put roadblocks in the way, which has prevented the fight from happening, however Pacquiao has given in by agreeing to random blood tests for drugs and accepting a 60-40 financial split in favour of Mayweather.

Bob Arum stressed “if the sport of boxing wants to be relevant and regarded as a major sport the fight needs to happen, All it needs now is for them to make the call. Me and Manny are waiting to pick up the phone.”
Arum is also is trying to hammer out a deal with CBS, Showtime’s parent company, to share the pay-per-view broadcast with HBO.

As Roach says if, “Floyd is afraid of losing his unbeaten record to Manny, But that’s not what defines greatness. Ali lost, Robinson, lost Leonard lost….but they’re still all-time greats. What counts is fighting the best of your era.’

Enough time has been wasted, Mayweather is 37 and Pacquiao will be 36 next month, time is running out for this fight to happen.

Great fighters fight the best. Pacquiao has agreed to all of Floyd’s demands, if he puts forth another excuse and the fight does not happen, the legacy of Mayweather will forever be tarnished.

He will be remembered for not giving the public the fight it demanded, he will be remembered for ducking Manny Pacquiao, that is not greatness, Manny is waiting Floyd, so is greatness.

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