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Former high school teacher accused of having sex with student tells prosecutor on the stand “I’ll never forgive you, for what you did to me”

November 26, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Former high school teacher accused of having sex with student tells prosecutor on the stand “I’ll never forgive you, for what you did to me” Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

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According to witnesses present at the trial of a former high school tutor, on trial for having a sexual relationship with a student, It got so bad at one point the judge warned the attorneys he was about to “lose it.”

An fiery exchange took place between Assistant Kent County Prosecutor Helen Brinkman and Abigail Simon, the high school tutor who Brinkman is arguing to a Kent County Circuit Court jury is guilty of four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a 15-year-old boy.

The former tutor at Catholic Central High School, admits she and the boy engaged in sexual activity when she was 32 and he was 15, but she hysterically repeated the , insistence that the boy forced her to have sex.

Simon took the stand Monday, as the final witness in the trial that is now in its third week and was expected to be given to the jury on Tuesday, Nov. 25.

Throughout the questioning, Brinkman presented the texts between the two in which Simon gushed about her love both to the boy and to friends and family to whom she lied about his age over the course of about two months in the spring of 2013.

Simon claims the boy used his physical and psychological domination to control every aspect of her life.

She claimed the text messages were just an attempt to appease the boy and keep him from raping her as she claimed happened three times in her apartment and in her car.

Brinkman questioned Simon about the number of incidents , including taking the boy on a week-long family vacation with her.

Simon said on the stand that she was scared to tell anyone and that when the relationship finally came to light, police and prosecutors did not believe her story, but believed the boy.

At times Simon began yelling, crying and at the end of her testimony was whimpering “I want to go home” in the direction of her attorneys and family seated in the courtroom.

“Did you tell anybody he forced you or threatened you before you were caught?” Brinkman asks.
“No, I said that 1,000 times already,” Simon said.

Simon argued she lied to everyone when she told them her boyfriend was a great and attractive guy and her favorite person in Grand Rapids, a city she wrote in a text message that she did not like.

Simon claimed she would even pretend she was jealous of the teen being around other girls so that he would think she really cared for him and not cause her further pain.

Simon’s testimony differs completely to the testimony of the alleged victim, who took the stand days before.
The boy claimed their relationship was not just consented to by the tutor, but actually was initiated by her.

On the stand, The teen was calm, even passive compared to Simon, who at times rolled her eyes, was argumentative, sarcastic — challenging and blaming Brinkman for failing to believe her story.

“I’ll never forgive you for that,” Simon lashed out at Brinkman. “I’m not sitting up here lying like your client,” Simon told Brinkman, referring to the teen.

Simon several times accused Brinkman of knowing the accusations the authorities have put forth are false.

Simon claimed her behavior is not bizarre when viewed from the point of view of an abuse victim.

Simon said that this was the first time she has ever felt safe telling her story and the first time she stood up for herself, even as the teen watched from the courtroom gallery.

Simon claimed the boy has been controlling throughout the relationship and still controls events even now, which is how she wound up on the stand charged with four felonies carrying a life-time maximum penalty.
Simon also blasted the school, claiming the administration was not interested in the truth.

“They spend their time saving their athletic tradition, not respecting women, period,” Simon said of Catholic Central.

Throughout the trial, Judge Paul Sullivan has given the attorneys wide latitude to pursue their theories before the jury. But after Brinkman and Simon were arguing, the judge had had it.
“This thing is totally out of control,” Sullivan said. “I’ve tried to be patient but I’m beginning to lose it.”

During a break, defense attorney Michael Manley stepped over to the Simon’s family and told them the defendant was “doing fabulous.”

Brinkman accused the defendant of “mirroring” the boy’s victimization to create her own defense.

Brinkman said that it is obvious from any reasonable reading of the woman’s words that she enjoyed having sex with a 15-year-old boy and would have continued had she not been caught.

On Tuesday, the attorneys will argue for one last time to the jury currently consisting of 11 women and two men. Then it will be up to the jury to decide who is the victim.

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