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Former NFL Star Fred Smoot Arrested on Domestic Violence

November 26, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Former NFL Star Fred Smoot Arrested on Domestic Violence Image courtesy of espn.go.com

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Former Washington Redskins defensive back Fred Smoot, was arrested for domestic violence in Washington D.C. On Sunday according to the police report obtained by TMZ.

Police were summoned to Smoot’s residence around 11 AM on Monday.


Smoot’s girlfriend told police Smoot pushed her against the wall in their bathroom when she tried to grab the keys to his truck so she could take it to work.


The woman claims “He scratched her on the knuckle and the stomach.”


She said that Smoot allegedly “grabbed her shorts and ripped them.”


The responding officer noted that the Woman had “minor marks to the knuckle and stomach. Her shorts were ripped in the crouch area.”


We spoke to the GF who tells us, “He came through the door after me and ripped my boxer shorts.”


The girlfriend says she fled the home and knocked on neighbor’s doors — but no one answered.


Eventually she says she got back in her house, called cops and hid in a closet space until police arrived.


After the cops arrived, the GF says she went to Smoot’s truck and found a half-empty box of condoms … and believes that’s why he was trying to keep her out of the car.


TMZ spoke with a representative for Smoot who said had no comment and is waiting for legal process to run its course.


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