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Officer Darren Wilson had a turbulent love life the grand jury never heard about, was in violent altercation with new wife’s ex

November 28, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Officer Darren Wilson had a turbulent love life the grand jury never heard about, was in violent altercation with new wife’s ex Image courtesy of danaloeschradio.com

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According to the Dailymail, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was involved in a violent altercation with the father of his new wife’s child, which led to assault charges brought just six months before the Missouri cop shot and killed Michael Brown while on duty.

While the Grand Jury heard evidence presented to them, the rocky history of Wilson’s relationship, which led to two marriages ending, was not presented to the grand jury.

His relationship with fellow cop and now wife Barbera Spradling, 37, sparked a bitter ongoing custody battle and the couple caught up in the assault case with her former lover, John Blumenthal, 52.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Court documents filed at the Jefferson County Court, sheds light on the extent of Wilson’s disrupted home-life leding up to the tragic altercation with Brown.

The documents show evidence revealing the pressure Wilson had been under which, the Grand Jury were unaware of, as they considered the Wilson’s state of mind at the time he shot Brown six times.

According to the Daily Mail, on May 16th 2013, Spradling’s partner and father of her child, John Blumenthal returned home around midnight to find Wilson, who is 24 years younger, on the sofa with Spradling in the house that they both still shared.

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

The couple’s then four-year-old child was sleeping in bed when a violent confrontation ensued.

Spradling stated that Blumenthal, who worked for a local Construction firm, was ‘depressed over losing his job.’
In the report, she claimed that ‘he wanted to kill himself [and] that he was not coming home ever again.’

However Blumenthal did come home. Spradling’s account stated, ‘My boyfriend [Wilson] and I were sitting on the couch when we heard banging on the garage and front door.’
Spradling let Blumenthal in and, she stated, ‘He immediately became aggressive and started hitting my boyfriend with a pillow as hard as he could. John then tried punching him several times.’

Spradling then recounted that Blumenthal, ‘Pulled my hair out of my head, choked me, punched me in the face and hit me in the face with his shoe. He continued to pull my hair several times.’

Assault charges against Blumenthal were eventually dropped in August last year after pleading guilty to three misdemeanor charges.

Court documents related to the incident reveal the detailed events of the midnight brawl between Blumenthal, the mother of his child and her now husband Wilson.

Wilson stated in the police report that ‘Blumenthal attempted to strike him several times with a closed fist, as well as placed him in a headlock, causing abrasions to his face and chest.

“Wilson further stated that the defendant kicked his vehicle, causing a dent which would cost approximately five hundred dollars to fix.’

Wilson’s turbulent domestic background didn’t end there. At the time of the incident he was still married to his first wife, Ashley Brown, 30, however the couple were separated a couple of months earlier.

Wilson and Brown were divorced in November 2013 after just 16 months of marriage,

However, Spradling’s issues with Blumenthal are still unresolved, court records reveal that on August 25, just two weeks after Wilson shot Brown, a case was filed with social services in the dispute between Spradling and Blumenthal over custody of their five-year-old son.

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