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Local police respond to questions over patrol car having rims

November 29, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Local police respond to questions over patrol car having rims Image courtesy of wltx.com

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Many people started sending letters to a local T.V. station in Virginia about a Sheriff’s deputy car decked out with rims, so the t.v. station began asking Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy  about the Vehicle with rims.

Lt. Curtis Wilson says the car has been taken offline as a patrol vehicle and is being transitioned to something the department can use for educational purposes.

Wilson says a sound system has been added to the car as well as the rims, but he says those things get the attention of children so deputies can teach them about the dangers of drugs and other risky behaviors.

According to Wilson, the department has been able to re-purpose the vehicle through confiscated drug money, not tax dollars.

“Funding that we use to transform vehicles isn’t tax dollars. Those tax dollars that we do receive are used for what they are intended for,” said Wilson. “This vehicle, again, is being taken offline as a patrol vehicle and so we’re going to find another use for this particular vehicle, and again we’re gonna use it for our youth education program. It’s being used with our school resource officers. Resource officers are in touch with our youth each and every day, they see what kids like and what they want to do and this vehicle will attract kids.”

Wilson says the vehicle is being painted to complete its transformation.

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