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Video of Angry Father took on students who were blocking highway in Ferguson protest

November 29, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Video of Angry Father took on students who were blocking highway in Ferguson protest Image courtesy of 10news.com

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Tyree Landrum, who is a father of six was driving to one of his three jobs when he was stopped because a line of Ferguson protesters blocking the road in the middle of the San Diego rush hour.

Angered because demonstrators would make him late to work and risk him losing his job, Landrum got out of his car on the I-5 in La Jolla to confront the group of student protesters.

After yelling at the students, he spoke to a photographer for ABC News 10: ‘If I don’t get there, I’m going to get fired. I’ve got six f****** kids to feed.’
The incident was caught on video, which has gone viral, has gained support from throngs of people on social media.

The demonstrations were spread across the country protesting the decision by a grand jury not to indict Darren Wilson.

Landrum was not the only driver angered, others drivers shared his anger, including nurses on their way to the hospital, many got out of their cars to voice their frustration.

Landrum then approached one protester standing with a bullhorn shouting: ‘No justice, no peace” and ripped the device from the protesters hand and yelled: ‘Hey, I feel you; we ain’t got no justice either.”

A woman then shouted ‘arrest them’ before a unit of California Highway Patrol and San Diego police arrived at the scene – half an hour after the protest started.

Landrum’s screaming incident towards the protesters went viral on Facebook, gaining support from thousands of people.

Landrum said that he didn’t consider himself a hero but an everyday person and regrets losing his temper.

‘I’m nobody special, just doing what I thought was right,’ he told the station.

‘And then he put this bullhorn in my face, and I’m like get this bullhorn out of my face. At that point, I was confused, frustrated and completely angry.’
Mr. Landrum was late to work, however his boss reportedly understood the situation and did not take any action.

Ryan Fusco, saw the incident on social media and was taken back by what Mr. Landrum did and decided to help his family.

He began a YouCaring campaign to help him buy Christmas presents for each of his six children.

Fusco told the station: ‘He’s obviously doing all he can to support his family. The sincerity, the passion, his willingness to stand up and do something really spoke to me.’
Mr. Landrum said he thought the gesture was a blessing.

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