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50 Cent Has Personal Bank Account Frozen

December 2, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
50 Cent Has Personal Bank Account Frozen Image courtesy of bendxl.com

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50 Cent is having a hard time getting .50 cents out of his ATM.

The rapper had his personal bank account frozen after failing to pay a huge $17.2 million judgment over a marketing deal he made to market headphones for a company called Sleek Audio.

Sleek accused 50 Cent of stealing its design and marketing it on his own. A court sided with Sleek audio, and the rapper was slapped with the massive judgment.

Failure to pay a court ordered judgment can lead to wage garnishment and frozen bank accounts.

Sources close to 50 say the judgement only affects his personal account, the rapper has access to his business account.

Forbes estimates 50 Cent worth at $140 million.

Attorneys representing 50 Cent say they will appeal the ruling and that the company has been “desperately attempting” to hold money from any accounts it can locate and maintain that his assets are “appropriately protected.”

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