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California Man Who Ran Over Wife May Have Fled To Mexico

December 2, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
California Man Who Ran Over Wife May Have Fled To Mexico Image courtesy of nbcsandiego.com

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A California man who is accused of brutally killing his wife with his truck may have fled to Mexico, authorities said.

Cesar Castillo, 37, struck his wife with his Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck more than once Friday evening, according to the Chula Vista Police Department.

The woman identified by a local news affiliate as Leonor Castillo, died from massive head and internal injuries, authorities said.

Image courtesy of nydailynews.com

Image courtesy of nydailynews.com

“One of the witnesses saw the truck that struck her drive southbound on Elm, do a U-turn, continue northbound past the woman on Elm, do another U-turn and then drive through the yard over the victim, striking the victim again,” Lt. Fritz Reber of the Chula Vista Police Department told Fox 5. “So, it was obvious to the witnesses it was intentional.”

“I’m here every day and I can’t believe this happened right here,” neighbor Jimmy Gonzalez told Fox 5. “It’s so peaceful in this area, what happened, ya’ know?”

The couple had been separated for one year, cops said. Authorities say they believe Castillo may have tricked his wife into meeting him by suggesting they buy Christmas presents for their three children, Fox 5 reported.

“He was jealous she was attempting to move on,” Lt. Reber told Fox 5. “They had been broken up for about a year. He coordinated a meeting with her under the pretense to go buy Christmas gifts for their mutual children.”

Castillo did indeed pick up his wife, but soon afterward she got out of the truck and started walking.

“From what I understand, she was on the street over there walking and he came around the corner and hit her — from what I was told — and she landed in my grass,” neighbor Jason Rasmussen told 10News.

Anyone with any information on the suspect should call (619) 585-5665. Loved ones have set up a fund-raising page for Leonor Castillo.

“She’s a beautiful young girl, full of life, vibrant, loved her children, loved her parents,” a friend told 10News.

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