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Religious School Biology Teacher Caught having Sex in Car with 14-Year-old Student

December 3, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Religious School Biology Teacher Caught having Sex in Car with 14-Year-old Student Image courtesy of nbcmiami.com

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A Christian school biology teacher admitted Monday that he coerced one of his 14-year-old students into having sex with him on multiple occasions, exchanged naked photos with the girl and sent her a video of him masturbating.

Eric Beasley, 25, of Plantation, is expecting to serve 20 years in federal prison as part of a plea agreement with federal and state prosecutors, his lawyers said.

Beasley was first arrested on April 1 after Lighthouse Point police caught him having sex with the girl in his car, parked behind a strip mall with its windows partly blocked by a shirt and sun visors.

Beasley and his victim told police they were consenting adults who met online, however, they soon after admitted she was a ninth-grader at Zion Lutheran Christian School in Deerfield Beach and he was her teacher.

Beasley, who was a teacher at the school for two years, admitted he had been having sex with the girl since around Valentine’s Day.

He said they also engaged in “inappropriate behavior at school during school hours” three times.

FBI agents and Broward Sheriff’s deputies, who joined the investigation, said they found evidence on thepair’s cell phones that they had exchanged naked photographs and that Beasley texted the girl photographs of his penis and a video of him masturbating.

“I miss you. But we have to remain cautious and vigilant. Every meeting is a risk. i won’t let that stop me from seeing you altogether, but we should be cautious about how many risks we take,” Beasley wrote in one text to the girl.

Teacher accused of sex with teen had been warned not to be alone with her, feds say

“I want to feel you. inside and out. Not want. Need. l require physical intimacy with you. Kissing you feels as essential as breathing,” Beasley wrote in another text.

Beasley also sent the girl messages asking if he could come to her house while her parents were out, but she refused.

Beasley, who has been locked up since April, pleaded guilty on Monday to a federal charge of persuading or enticing the girl to have sex with him. He plans to plead guilty later this week in Broward Circuit Court to state charges of sexual battery on the same underage girl, his lawyers Michael Gelety and John Contini said.

“Beasley fully admits he is guilty of the crimes he was charged with but had sincere, though misguided, feelings for the girl,” Gelety said. One of the doctors who evaluated Beasley called him a “wandering romantic,” Gelety said.

“He still cares about this girl … he wants to minimize the trauma to her,” Gelety said.

Prosecutors and the girl’s parents will recommend that U.S. District Judge William Zloch sentence Beasley to 20 years in federal prison, Gelety said. Beasley could be placed on supervised release for the rest of his life and will also have to register as a sex offender, court records show.

The school suspended Beasley immediately after he was arrested.

A student and parent had reported to school officials in December 2013 that they suspected “something inappropriate” was going on with Beasley and the girl, according to court records. Beasley denied anything inappropriate but school authorities told him not to spend any time alone with the girl.

The girl’s parents, who are not being named to protect the girl’s identity, filed a civil lawsuit against Beasley, the school, church and Evangelical Lutheran church organizations and officials last month in Broward Circuit Court.

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