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James Franco, Seth Rogen’s Salaries for Upcoming Movie Released By Hackers

December 5, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
James Franco, Seth Rogen’s Salaries for Upcoming Movie Released By Hackers Image courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

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Actors James Franco and Seth Rogen have been targeted by the people responsible for the cyber hack attack on Sony Pictures.

The actors, who star in an upcoming comedy “The Interview,” have had their salaries leaked by hackers responsible for the attack going by the name “The Guardians of the Peace.”

The leaked information reveal that Rogen was paid $8.4 million, while co-star Franco allegedly earned $6.5 million, according to Bloomberg.

The ex-husband of Britney Spears’ Kevin Federline, who makes a brief appearance in the film was reportedly paid $5,000.

Information leaked from the film include  $250 reportedly allocated for a prop made to look like a “table of weed, coke, pills and panties”.

The nation of North Korea, is suspected of being responsible for the information leak targeting the stars of the movie, which is a spoof about two journalist who are hired by the CIA to assassinate the communist dictator Kim Jong-Un, which could be the reason the hackers have signaled out Sony.

The comedy has angered North Korean officials and have ripped the film’s release as “an act of war” in a letter to the United Nations earlier this year.

A spokesman for North Korea’s mission to the United Nations did not deny being responsible for the cyber-attack, telling the BBC on Tuesday that “the hostile forces are relating everything to the DPRK (North Korea).”

“I kindly advise you to wait and see,” he added.

The hacking incident on Sony Pictures occurred Nov. 24, which leaked copies of studios’ upcoming films, including “Fury” and “Annie.”

In addition, the group warned the studios’ employees that internal data would be made public “if you don’t obey.”

Just days after the threat was issued, the group followed through on its threat, leaking sensitive information about studio employees, including executives’ salaries and employee performance reviews.

Sony confirmed the hacking in a memo to staff on Tuesday, and the following day refuted a report that North Korea was responsible for the hacking, adding that the investigation to uncover the culprit was still ongoing.

Rogen and Franco have just begun promoting “The Interview,” scheduled to hit theaters Christmas Day. A source told Bloomberg that despite the cyber-attacks, there are no plans in place to change the film’s promotional rollout.

Rogen recently took to Twitter to blast a rumor that he wouldn’t attend a screening of the film in Denver.

“There’s a bulls–t story out there that our amazing Denver weed screening of #The Interview Movie is cancelled,” he tweeted Wednesday. “Lies! I’ll be there, Denver!”

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