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Bronx Cop Acted As Muscle for Drug Trafficker

December 6, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Bronx Cop Acted As Muscle for Drug Trafficker Image courtesy of nbcnewyork.com

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A Bronx cop was busted Thursday night for allegedly moonlighting as a drug trafficker’s muscle, helped deal cocaine and heroin, authorities said.

Merlin Alston, 32, of the 46th Precinct, was caught on wiretap helping drug lord’s facilitate deals and provide information that would help evade police from June of 2010 to October of 2014, court papers state.

“The defendant not only drove drug dealers to deals, he handed kilos of cocaine to drug dealers, he warned drug dealers about police activity, he warned drug dealers about confidential informants and provided protection,” said Matthew McKenzie from the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor who is charge of the case.

McKenzie added, “He picked up the telephone and warned a drug dealer that he and other police were coming through that night.

That drug dealer then alert other members of his crew and warned them.”

The cocaine dealer Alston alerted was caught on a wiretap giving the inside information to another associate, authorities said.

“If you have any of the guys’ number, tell them to be careful because my buddy called me and told me that it seems like that [they] are going to do a raid around there or something,” the trafficker said.

The NYPD veteran of 8 years, went as far as picking up a shotgun for the dealer March 20 of 2014 before they headed to a meeting with a criminal associate, according to authorities.

At his arraignment Friday, Alston pleaded not guilty in Manhattan Supreme Court on one count of conspiracy and two counts of official misconduct.

McKenzie requested bail be set at $500,000 cash or bond but Justice Bonnie Wittner did not make an immediate decision, instead wanting to take a few days in order to familiarize herself with the case.

Defense attorney Bruce Connolley was insistent on pushing for a bail package for his client who didn’t want to spend the weekend behind bars.

“He’s already surrendered his gun his badge and everything associated with working with the NYPD,” said the attorney. “He finished his bachelor’s degree last month from John Jay College of Criminal Justice…”

Wittner interjected, “He was a police officer for four years acting as a protector of a drug lord!”

Connolley continued, “He has a spotless record with the NYPD…” But Wittner swiftly cut him off.

“Except for his drug dealing as a police officer!” she retorted.

Connolly finally agreed to delay the bail hearing until Monday and Alston was taken out cuffs and placed in protective custody.

“He didn’t kill anybody! He didn’t kill anybody!” his mother shouted, flailing her arms in the courthouse hallway as bail bondsman Ira Judelson tried to comfort her.

“We have a good person in there and the judge isn’t doing her job! We need to bail out my son!”

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