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DeMarco Murray’s Former Teammate Posts Sexts the Running back Exchange With Wife on Social Media

December 7, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
DeMarco Murray’s Former Teammate Posts Sexts the Running back Exchange With Wife on Social Media Image courtesy of entrictv.com

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Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray has been accused of sleeping with a former Oklahoma Sooners teammates wife on social media.

Image ocurtesy of heavy.com

Image ocurtesy of heavy.com

Brennan Clay has now gone nuclear on his former teammate and wife, as he posted messages and texts allegedly from Murray under the hidden name “Spray Tan” detailing some of the alleged trysts and the Sooners player continued to accuse as Murray played on Thursday night football.


Clay first tweeted out a couple weeks ago that Murray, who was a mentor of his, slept with Clay’s wife.

However, on Thursday Clay decided to go nuclear on his back stabbing friend and unfaithful wife, by posting some messages as pictures on Twitter, claiming that Murray was the subject in the messages and that his wife hid him in her phone under the name “Spray Tan” to keep things under wraps.


Some of the messages contain explicit sexual language and indicating that while Clay was away working out for the San Diego Chargers, “Spray Tan” could come and indulge in a sexual escapade with the wife, Gina D’Agostini, describing some of the acts they intended to do together.

In the posts, Clay says that the number in the phone is a 702 area code and that is the area where Murray is from.


Clay has said that he has more information and he has come out multiple times to rip Murray for the relationship.

Murray has not commented on the allegations and it comes as he is having an MVP season. The Cowboys won on Thursday after a huge game from Murray and he had another 100 yard game and is leading the league in rushing. This season Murray is in the final year of his contract and he will be on his way to free agency and a huge payday most likely.

Clay’s allegations have not been confirmed, however, they are more likely to be  true.

His wife has remained silent regarding the allegations and Murray has not made any statements regarding the story, the most likely reason being he has having a family of his own.

However, this situation won’t be going away anytime soon, Clay said that he has more that he will post and this story will definitely be ongoing..

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