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Police DashCam Shows Texas Judge Stumbling and Failing Sobriety Test after She was Acquitted for Lack of Evidence

December 7, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Police DashCam Shows Texas Judge Stumbling and Failing Sobriety  Test after She was Acquitted for Lack of Evidence image courtesy of nydailynews.com

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No evidence? A Texas judge was asked to walk a straight line and clearly could not, however the drunk driving charges against the judge from South Texas were dismissed despite video showing her stumbling in a drunken stupor after being pulled over by police.

Hidalgo County officials maintain there was not enough evidence to prosecute 13th Court of Appeals Justice Nora Longoria, however police dash cam video clearly shows Longoria unable to complete a simple sobriety test and was released after the charges were dropped.

The 49 year-old judge stopped for a traffic infraction in July and charged with misdemeanor DWI.

The police report states that Longoria “had trouble with her balance and swayed from side to side and displayed red, glossy eyes,”

However, fellow Judge, Rolando Cantu, dismissed the case against her last week.

But now, police have released the footage, which led to the judge’s DWI arrest and
it is the clear evidence Hidalgo County DA Rene Guerra say they never received.

Police sources said the footage is the key evidence that would have been used to prosecute Longoria.

The footage shows the judge making a mess of herself as she struggled to walk a straight line, and stumbling several times during the test.
The officer who made the arrest said during sobriety tests, Longoria complained the officer was “ruining her life and career for what he was doing.”

Longoria reportedly said, “I worked hard for 25 years to be where I’m at today.”

According to police the judge failed the sobriety tests, “became emotional and “she refused to let officers handcuff her or to provide breath and blood tests”.

Longoria told officers they would have to “drag her to the patrol car.”

After being cuffed and taken to the police station, she continued to be difficult with police, however, she finally admitted to drinking five beers earlier in the evening.

Longoria later posted $2,000 bond and was released from police custody.

District Attorney Rene Guerra tells the McAllen Monitor that Longoria didn’t appear to have slurred speech in a recording at the jail.

There isn’t a recording of the traffic stop. Longoria is represented by Democratic state Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa of McAllen.

Longoria sits on the 13th Court of Appeals, which serves the region extending from Corpus Christi south to Edinburg. She was elected to the court in 2012.

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