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Tamir Rice’s Sister was Handcuffed After His Shooting, Mom Says

December 9, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Tamir Rice’s Sister was Handcuffed After His Shooting, Mom Says Image courtesy of wordondastreet.com

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Tamir Rice’s 14-year-old sister rushed to her brother’s side after finding out the boy had been shot, and upon arriving police officers “tackled” her, handcuffed her and placed Tamir’s sister in a police car with the officer who shot Tamir, her mother and a Rice family attorney disclosed reporters on Monday.

The mother of Tamir Rice, Samaria Rice, was also threatened to be arrested after she attempted to charge and yell at the officers “because they wouldn’t let her run to her son’s aid,” she said.

At a Baptist church in Cleveland, Rice recalled how a normal day on November 22 turned tragic, as two Cleveland police officers pulled up to her son outside a recreation park across the street from her home.

Within two seconds of exiting the police car, Officer Timothy Loehmann gunned down Tamir, 12. The boy died the next day.

Tamir was playing with a pellet gun, and a witness who saw “a guy with a pistol” told 911 twice that it was “probably” fake but that Tamir was scaring people. It doesn’t appear the 911 dispatcher relayed the information to Officers Loehmann, 26, and Frank Garmback, 46.

Police have said that Loehmann, who’s past has been scrutinized, fired on the boy after Tamir reportedly reached for the gun in his waistband and that an orange tip indicating the gun was a toy had been removed.

Rice said she didn’t allow her son to play with toy guns, explaining that one of his friends had given it to him.

The mother remembered the moment she received the news that her youngest of her four children had been shot.

“Two little boys came and knocked on my door and said, ‘Police officers just shot your son twice in the stomach,’ ” she said.

At first, she didn’t believe them but quickly realized they were telling the truth.

“I really thought they was playing, like joking around, but I saw the seriousness in their face, and it scared me,” she said.

She ran to the scene, admittedly frantic, and arrived at the same time as an ambulance. Officers wouldn’t let her check on her son, she said, “and then I saw my daughter in the back of a police car, the same one the shooter got out of.” Family attorney Walter Madison said police placed Tamir’s sister in the car with Loehmann.

Samaria Rice said she calmed down and asked police to release her daughter. They told her no, she said. Not only would they not release her daughter, but later, she said, they made her choose: Stay with her daughter or accompany her son to a hospital.

She chose the latter but was told she couldn’t ride in the back of the ambulance with her son, so she rode in the front seat on the way to the hospital, she said.

“The treatment of the family is unacceptable,” said Councilman Jeffrey Johnson, who appeared alongside the family at the news conference. “It just shows the lack of training when we shackle a grieving sister, threaten a grieving mother and not even take care of a child lying on the ground.”

Cleveland police declined to discuss the family’s allegations. Detective Jennifer Ciaccia told CNN, “We’re really not commenting further at this point.”

In a lawsuit filed last week against the city and the two officers, the family says Loehmann and Garmback “refused to provide any medical attention to Tamir for at least four minutes as he lay on the ground alive and bleeding.”

Cleveland police Chief Calvin Williams has previously said that four minutes after Tamir was shot, a detective and FBI agent arrived and the FBI agent administered first aid. Paramedics arrived three minutes later, the chief said.

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