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After Hour Rave Party Raided at Dallas Strip Club

December 11, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
After Hour Rave Party Raided at Dallas Strip Club Image courtesy of youtube.com

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Drugs at a rave? No way.

The Eternal Eden, which is an afterhours rave party held on Saturday nights at Jaguars, a northwest Dallas strip club, may have been a haven for illegal activity, feds say.

Authorities recently announced the indictments on firearms and drug charges of 15 people involved with the club.

Feds say cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and alprazolam were being sold out of the club, and they found guns when they arrested 12 of the 15 at or near Jaguars.

KDFW’s Becky Oliver filed a report on the party in September, after the death of Brittany Nemeth, a 19-year-old raver friends said took ecstasy at Eternal Eden.

Oliver describes the club as being packed to the gills, with revelers spilling out into the morning sun amid discarded liquor bottles. (Jaguars, which is an all-nude establishment during its normal operation, is BYOB.)

The ages of those indicted range from 19 to 31. Thirteen are charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, and two have been indicted for conspiracy to distribute heroin.

Those crimes are punishable by up to 20 years in jail and a $1 million fine. Doniel Dominique Hall, 25, is also charged with using a firearm while drug trafficking, which could get him seven additional years and $250,000 more in fines.

Update: 9:15 a.m.: According to multiple reports, one of the men arrested — Hunter Lee Foster — is Christina Morris’ boyfriend. Morris is the missing Fort Worth 23-year-old who was last seen on August 30. Morris stepmother told KDFW Tuesday that theĀ cases were unrelated. She hopes the drug case doesn’t distract from the hunt for her daughter, she said.

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