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Police Obtain Search Warrant For Phone of Teen Who Was Burned Alive, As It Emerges Killer Got in the Car With Her

December 12, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Police Obtain Search Warrant For Phone of  Teen Who Was Burned Alive, As It Emerges Killer Got in the Car With Her Image courtesy of abcnews.go.com

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Investigators have obtained a search warrant for the cellphone of the Mississippi teen who was burned alive,  which could possibly lead to new clues into the 19-year-old’s horrific murder over the weekend, CNN reported.

The phone belonging to Jessica Chambers, who according to police detectives was forced to drink lighter fluid before set on fire in her car, could be the “the key to everything,” John Champion, district attorney for Mississippi’s 17th Circuit, previously told the news network.

A hours before she was found walking aimlessly near her burning vehicle in Courtland Saturday, she received a phone call before she left her home, said Champion.

The caller’s identity and what was discussed has been an unknown, possibly until now.

The new details search comes after police questioned a man for two days about the teen’s death, however the person was released and left police no closer in identifying the person responsible for the barbaric murder.

Police officials believe they do not expect to make an arrest anytime soon in Chamber’s death.

The person questioned was identified as Derrick Turner, 31. He was detained by police Monday and questioned for two days.

He told the detectives he knew Chambers but wasn’t in the city on the day of her death.

“I don’t just know her like that because I’m way older than her. So I’ve seen her around at stores and everything, but I don’t just know her like that,” he told the TV station.

He was not charged and was released .

Police did not reveal why they questioned him, he said.

Champion said investigators have interviewed several people who saw Chambers on Saturday before her death, but still have no leads in the case.

“There’s just not a lot of street talk out there about who may or may not have done it,” Champion said at a Thursday news conference.

Surveillance video showed Chambers at a gas station Saturday.

Ali Fadhel, who worked at  a nearby convenience store, said she put more gas in her tank than usual — $14 instead of her usual $5 — and told him she was “going somewhere.”

Nothing seemed unusual, Fadhel said.

“If she knew she had a problem with somebody, she would have told me,” he said.

However, it has now emerged that the killer apparently got into the car before setting it on fire. The teenager also had a large gash on her head.

About 90 minutes later, firefighters found Chambers on the side of the road with burns covering 98% of her body.

Jay Hale, an assistant district attorney, confirmed that Chambers spoke to the firefighters, but said he cannot discuss what she said. Previously, police said they believed she gave first responders a name.

She died at a hospital soon after.

Officials have promised a $1,000 reward for anyone with information

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