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Bud-Weisser Was Arrested In St.Louis

December 19, 2014  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Bud-Weisser Was Arrested In St.Louis Image courtesy of abc7news.com

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An 18-year-old with an unusual name that resembles the beer company was arrested for allegedly breaking into a convenience store back in August, reports the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

Police charged Bud A. Weisser, 18, with burglary Friday. Police officers saw the break-in as it happened and pursued the suspect but he got away, the newspaper reported.

After further investigation, they determined this “Bud” was for them and he turned himself in.

The Daily News has confirmed through a records search Bud Weisser really is the young man’s name — though the pronunciation is unclear. He states on his Facebook page he is a former student at Mehlville Senior High School.

His birthday is in May so he’s unable to legally drink his namesake for another two and a half years.

But he was no bud to the police as he refused to give a statement after surrendering, the newspaper reported.

It’s ironic, because the twist off Budweiser bottles are not usually hard to get to open up.

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