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Mitt Romney’s Unique Idea In Responding To the Sony Hackers

December 19, 2014  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mitt Romney’s Unique Idea In Responding To the Sony Hackers

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They don’t call him a Mr. Fix It for nothing. Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who has made taken really crappy situations and turned things around, from companies who were going under to the failing and corrupt Utah Olympics. Now Romney has come up with a unique idea for a response from Sony Pictures after they canceled the premier of “The Interview”.

The cancellation has sparked anger across all spectrums, from politicians, celebrities to the average Joe walking the street, Sony showed  pardon my french no B**s! in caving to the hackers after they threatened a 9/11 style attack on theatres who showed the movie.

However, former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney put forth a solution to stick it to the culprits (North Korea) that would actually turn out to be a positive.

Releasing the film online immediately would thwart any threat of an attack and would stick to the North Koreans and whoever else is responsible.

Showing The Interview for free would make a statement from Sony Pictures, They already cancelled the film, so they would have a hard time making an argument about losing money.

And here’s the biggest selling point, people would pay a voluntary $5 online admission that would  raise a huge chunk of money to fight Ebola. Now that the movie is hotter now because of the controversy, masses of people would pay an online fee to watch the movie.

And Mitt Romney isn’t the only one who wants a hawkish type of response in fighting back against the Sony hackers. Celebrities from Steve Carell, Bill Maher Jimmy Kimmel, and many more have voiced their outrage over the cancellation and would probably fully support such a response in giving the finger to the North Koreans.

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