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Elderly Rapist Sent Love Letters with Rose Petals and Stalked 11 Year-old Boy for 2 Years

December 20, 2014  |  Posted by: JammedUp
Elderly Rapist Sent Love Letters with Rose Petals and Stalked 11 Year-old Boy for 2 Years Image courtesy of nbcphiladelphia.com

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A Pennsylvania elderly man who is a known rapist was arrested again for stalking a boy for two years. According to police, the man sent the boy love letters filled with rose petals and even moved into the house next door to the child, in a bizarre attempt to woo the boy, police said.

At the time, the boy was 11 years old when Clyde Ruppel, 73,  began to stalk the child, leaving notes, attached with peach rose petals on his father’s car for the boy, promising “all male nights,” a police report obtained by WCAU-TV.

Ruppel then moved into a house near the boy’s Allentown home and continued the stalking, He refused to back down even though the father of the boy confronted the man, warning him to backoff.

Ruppel would routinely follow the boy to school, slowly driving his car behind him, and like a creep would sit there and watch as the boy played outside, cops said.

Many neighbors, who have children of their own are disturbed by the incident, and say that Ruppel was an odd man who needs to be locked up for life.

Ruppel was convicted in 1976 of indecent assault and convicted again in 1996 for rape.

The elderly man was arrested just last month on charges of public harassment, however police let him go.

Police arrested Ruppel and charged him with stalking and drug charges, the NBC affiliate reported. During a search of Ruppel’s apartment, police discovered a marijuana grow operation.

The owner of the house has evicted Ruppel, he remains in jail unable to make his $35,000 bail.

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