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Sixteen Firefighters Suspended After Investigation Is Launched Into Alleged Sex Tape Filmed on Fire Trucks

December 31, 2014  |  Posted by: JammedUp
Sixteen Firefighters Suspended After Investigation Is Launched Into Alleged Sex Tape Filmed on Fire Trucks Image courtesy of sacramento.suntimes.com

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Sixteen California state firefighters have been placed on paid administrative leave after an investigation into allegations of firefighters having sex on fire trucks, officials said.

The investigation began in May after fire academy instructor Orville Fleming, who is also the battalion chief for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, was charged with murder in the death of a former escort who became his girlfriend.

Orville Fleming - Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Orville Fleming – Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Fleming wife told Sacramento County sheriff’s investigators and reporters then that she had seen a video showing the victim, Sarah June Douglas, 26, having sex with her husband and other firefighters on fire trucks.

Sarah June Douglas - Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Sarah June Douglas – Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

‘The investigation has already determined that allegations of a sex tape are unfounded,’ CalFire spokeswoman Janet Upton said. There also was no use of prostitutes or other improper sexual activity on state time or equipment, she said.

Sacramento County deputies had previously maintained that they never found a video, however, CalFire requested the California Highway Patrol to investigate because of the severity of the allegations.

The results of the investigation are due out early next month.

Upton said the firefighters were placed on paid leave on suspicion of ‘a variety of policy violations unrelated to allegations of a sex tape.’ Further details were not disclosed.

The majority of the employees including Fleming were full-time instructors at the department’s fire academy in Ione, 40 miles southeast of Sacramento, she said.

Highway Patrol spokeswoman Fran Clader said declined to comment, referring inquiries to Cal Fire.

Fleming was arrested following a two-week manhunt after the body of Douglas was discovered in the home they shared.

They met allegedly through an escort site, and police said at the time of Fleming’s arrest that he may have used that same site to meet another woman shortly after the murder of Fleming.

Both Douglas’ mother and sister knew she was dating Fleming, who filed for divorce from his wife in October 2013.

They had been awaiting the divorce to be finalized before planning to marry.

Just before she was found dead, Douglas had expressed fears about Fleming to her sister Stephanie.

Late on May 1 she called her sister and said: ‘That [SOB] left the gas on. I think he’s trying to kill my birds.’

Stephanie heard her sister saying ‘Whoa, you scared me’ before the man later identified as Fleming was heard starting an argument with her on the other line.

Stephanie says she heard her sister scream before the line went dead.

Fleming pleaded not guilty to murder and is due in court in March.

His attorney, Peter Kmeto, said he was aware of Meagan Fleming’s comments but claims he never found a sex tape as part of his investigation, and Monday’s developments will have no bearing on the criminal case.

From the Daily Mail

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