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Two Sisters, Aged 15, 11, Charged With Shooting Death of 16 Year-old Brother

January 8, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Two Sisters, Aged 15, 11, Charged With Shooting Death of 16 Year-old Brother Image courtesy of itv.com

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Two Northern Florida sisters aged 11 and 15, have been arrested and charged with murder of their older brother. Their parents, who left them home alone with their 3-year-old sister, were arrested on child neglect charges.

Image courtesy of firstcoastnews.com

Image courtesy of firstcoastnews.com

Misty “Ariel” Kornegay and her younger sister Nicole Kornegay, managed to gain entry into their parents’ locked bedroom by breaking a window, then climbed in, got the couple’s gun, loaded it and returned to the living room where their 16-year-old brother was asleep on the floor. The eldest girl fired on the teen,killing him authorities said.

“This is the stuff nightmares are made of” said Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter at an afternoon press conference. “This is really, really a sad case.”

Prosecutors are yet to decided whether the eldest girl will be charged as an adult. According to Florida state law, prosecutors have the option of charging juveniles as adults if they are over the age of 14.

According to police, she admitted to shooting her brother. Ariel is claiming that he had locked her into her bedroom after beating her on Monday,  her younger sister later unlocked the door.

Hunter said officers had been to the Kornegay house three times in recent years, once for an abuse call involving the teenage girl. The matter was being handled by the children’s service workers, however no further details were provided.

The eldest girl has also been locked in her room by her parents with only a bucket to use as a toilet, Hunter said. Her parents also pulled her out of school, he said.

Keith Kornegay, 37, and Misty Kornegay, 33, were out of town at the time the shooting occurred. The father is a truck driver and the mother was with him on the route, police said.

They were arrested and charged with child neglect causing great bodily harm. Their bail was set at $20,000 each Wednesday and both were ordered to have no contact with their children.

The arrested girls are being held in separate juvenile detention units, police said. The 3-year-old is currently in the custody of child protection officials.

The toddler was home at the time of the shooting and was left left with her brother’s corpse as her older sisters fled.

The girls trekked four miles after the shooting, the youngest called a friend’s mother and said she had run away from home and was at a Dollar Store in the small town of White Springs.

When the mother arrived, she called the police. The 15-year-old wouldn’t make eye contact and kept applying makeup as she hinted something might be wrong with her brother, USA Today reported.

The teen eventually began weeping and told the woman her brother was dead.

From the New York Daily News

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