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2 Year-old Boy Found Alone For Days In Apartment With Dead Parents and Grandmother

January 9, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
2 Year-old Boy Found Alone For Days In Apartment With Dead Parents and Grandmother

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Police say a two-year-old boy was found alone and shaking in an apartment two days after his father shot and killed both his mother and grandmother, before taking his own life, in what police are calling a double murder-suicide.

2 year-old Jacob Knauf was wearing a soiled diaper and the home had the smell of death when relatives stopped by the home in Palm Springs, California, to check on the family on January 4.

There, the discovered the lifeless bodies of the little boy’s parents Bianca and Daniel, as well as the mother of Daniel Sally, all appearently killed by gunshot wounds.

Police believe former US Marine Daniel Knauf, 27, took the lives of his wife and mother, before turning the gun on himself 23-year-old wife at least two days before the bodies were first discovered.

Bianca’s older sister Diana Benitez, “the little boy’s hands were shaking, suffered from having blisters all around him from staying in the same soiled diaper for at least two days. She added, “He thinks his mom’s asleep.

His father was discharged from the Marines in 2009, military records show.

According to relatives, his recent purchase of guns had caused arguments in the family.

Bianca’s mother Lourdes Benitez told KESQ: ‘I would tell my daughter I don’t like that. And that’s how we ended up here.’

The family last spoke with Bianca was on New Year’s Eve.

After not hearing from Bianca for four days Bianca’s parents went to check on the family.

When they knocked there was no answer, they looked through a window and discovered the little boy sleeping.

They managed to wake him up and instructed him to open the door.

“I went outside and I just burst into tears in my car,’”Diana told the station.

as they prepared to bury their daughter. The family maintains that they hold no grudge toward Daniel.

Instead they chose “to focus on Jacob,’ Diana said.

Police are investigating a possible motive for the tragic murders.

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