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Father Who Tortured, Poisoned Kids Age 3, 4, Sentenced To Death

January 9, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Father Who Tortured, Poisoned Kids Age 3, 4, Sentenced To Death

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The Alabama father who brutally tortured and killed his three-year-old son and four-year-old daughter has been sentenced to death.

In November, John DeBlase, 31, from Mobile, Alabama, was found guilty of two counts of murder, by poisoning Natalie and Chase with antifreeze and strangling them to death.

He and his wife Heather Keaton – who is set to stand trial in April – were arrested after the children’s bodies were dumped in a rural area in Mississippi in 2010.

The boy’s remains were discovered six months after he was killed.

The children’s biological mother, Corinne DeBlase, wept silently as the court heard how the search for her children unfolded before he was sentenced on Thursday.

Judge Rick Stout weighed two options in deciding DeBlase’s sentence: life without possibility of parole or death by lethal injection.

Stout told the court that the murders were ‘especially heinous, atrocious and cruel,’ and included ‘completely consciousless, pitiless torture of the victims.’ He then agreed with the jury’s suggestion and sentenced DeBlase to death.

In a cowardly bid to save his life, DeBlase told the judge before he was sentenced, ‘I am not going to beg for mercy, I’m going to ask for mercy. I’m going to ask for my life. Your honor, I love my kids.’

During the trial DeBlase’s attorneys argued that Keaton’s harsh discipline tactics lead to the children’s deaths, but prosecutors said DeBlase likely killed the children to end their suffering.

‘I don’t think there’s any doubt that the person who had the motive and hatred was Heather Keaton,’ defense attorney Glenn Davidson said during his closing arguments Tuesday.

‘She had no regard for the children and evidence showed she had no concern for their safety or their well-being. She was consumed with jealousy of Natalie’s relationship with her father. When she couldn’t control the children, she killed them.’

Corrine DeBlase testified at the trial and said she had given up custody of her daughter Natalie, four, and three-year-old son Chase to John DeBlase in 2008 because she thought he was a ‘good father’.

‘He was their father, he was supposed to protect them. That’s what a father is supposed to do,’ she told the jury.

She added: ‘Nobody can blame me more than I can blame myself. I know there are things I could have done then. I was their mother I should have done something.’

The mother said she had been forced to give up custody of her ‘well-mannered’ children after she lost her job and home, and her marriage collapsed.

She testified that the last time she had seen her children was November 17, 2009. A year later, she was notified that they were missing, Fox 10 reported.

‘They were my heart. It may not seem the way they make it look but I loved them so much. I loved them so much and I can’t have no more (kids),’ Mrs DeBlase told the court.

Brandon Newburn, who was a former cellmate of DeBlase, claimed the father wrote a bunch of letters where he admitted to choking his children because he wanted to ‘end their suffering’ at the hands of Keaton.

In the letters, DeBlase reportedly said the kids lived a life of ‘torture and abuse’ at the hands of Keaton, she finally gave him an ultimatum that it was ‘her or the kids’.

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