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Girl, 15, Who Shot Brother, 16, Suffered Through Years of Abuse from Uncle and Brother

January 9, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Girl, 15, Who Shot Brother, 16, Suffered Through Years of Abuse from Uncle and Brother

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According to police, the  15-year-old girl Florida girl who shot her 16 year-old brother to death on Monday, was a victim of years of abuse, which included being locked in a room for weeks at a time with only a blanket and a bucket to use the bathroom.

According to  court documents, for years the girl was sexually abused for by an uncle. Then in 2011, the brother and sister were found having sex by their mother.

The shooting death occurred on Monday at the girl’s home in rural north Florida. She along with her two younger sisters, age 11 and 3, were left alone with their older brother, while their parents were away for work.

The father, a truck driver, and his wife who often goes with him, left the teen to watch over his three siblings police said.

The parents left on Sunday and were scheduled to be back on Tuesday.

The 33 year-old mother, admitted to police that they often locked the 15-year-old girl up when she misbehaved. She had recently been removed from school.

The father told police the  longest the girl was ever locked in her room was for 20 days.

When police inspected the room, they discovered only a blanket and a bucket filled with urine in the closet, this was her punishment because she was stealing and talking back.

Letters written by the parents were discovered and taken as evidence, they show them asking her why she should be let out of that room.

According to the police report, “The girl has made attempts to take her own life however, police and child services were never notified.”

Police also revealed  that the girl’s uncle was convicted of molesting her in 2010.

In 2010, the uncle was arrested on sex charges after his wife found movie clips of him and the 15-year-old engaged in sexual acts, which were taking place for some time.

According to the Police documents, his wife reportedly saw a video clip of the girl sitting down and a man with his penis out, standing behind her.

He then had oral sex with the underage girl, while she made noises, the wife told police.

The victim later told investigators that she did not want it to happen.

The uncle had told her to ‘suck on his thingy’ and that ‘they were to be private and not to tell anyone no matter what’.

The abuse had been on going ‘for a long time’, according to the police report.

Police also revealed that the children’s mother discovered the siblings having sex in 2011. The mother reported to police that she heard noises coming from the bedroom and found the teenage boy having sex with his sister, who is a year younger.

When the mother asked the girl how it happened, the girl girl told her that she did not want to ‘do it’  with her brother but he pressured her.

The girl then brought up the abuse by her uncle.

Police and child welfare officials investigated, but no charges were filed.

On Monday, the girl was locked in her room by her brother, police said. After the boy fell asleep, she convinced her 11-year-old sister to unlock her door.

The older girl knew her parents kept a pistol in their room, but had kept the door locked.

The girl then went outside and removed an air conditioner from her parents’ bedroom window, using a knife.

She gained entry into the parent’s room and grabbed the gun. The girl went back inside the house and told her younger siblings to hide in the closet, she told police.

Standing 5 feet away, she turned and shot her brother in the neck  while he slept in the living room.  He screamed ‘Help! Help!’

She then went and buried her head in a pillow, when she returned to the living room, the girl found the three-year-old hysterical, trying to wake her dead brother, according to the police report.

She then fled the home with her 11-year-old sister and leaving the their 3 year-old behind, police said.

‘It’s hard for us to get our arms around this act,’ Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter said. ‘This is the stuff nightmares are made of.’

Police located the girls after a friend received a ‘weird phone call’ from the 11-year-old girl, saying she had run away and needed someone to pick her up from a Dollar General, according to a police report.

The girls walked four miles from their home to the store. When the friend’s mother arrived, she found the older sister there, too.

The older girl hinted something maybe wrong with another sibling at home.

The woman said she applied makeup and ‘would not make eye contact, appearing emotionless,’ officers wrote in a police report.

She soon broke down and told the officers that her brother had beaten her and that killed him.

When officers arrived at the home, they discovered the boy’s body, the three-year-old told them: ‘he’s dead.’

Police have not revealed a motive for the shooting.

The girls were taken to the juvenile detention where they are being held, prosecutor is trying to determine whether to charge them as adults.

Both parents have been charged with child neglect and failing to supervise.

The parents’ bail was set at $20,000 each and both were ordered to have no contact with their children.

The three-year-old has been taken into the custody of child welfare officials.

The family’s identities have not been revealed due to the girls’ ages and abuse allegations.

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