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Princeton Student Arrested Picking Up Package of Ectasy

January 9, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Princeton Student Arrested Picking Up Package of Ectasy

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A Princeton University junior was arrested Tuesday when he picked up an overseas package from the campus mailroom that had seven grams of ecstasy in it.

When police searched the student and his dorm room after the arrest, they found enough drugs to get half the campus high.

Federal agents intercepted the package in December and continued surveilling it, the Newark Star-Ledger reports.

Officers were ordered to keep an eye on the school’s Frist Campus Center mailroom and arrest anyone who picked up the box.

When the student, Julian Edgren, signed for the potent package Tuesday afternoon, he was arrested. He picked up two other packages at the time, one of which contained psychedelic mushrooms.

Police found him with a duffel bag containing 60 Adderall pills, 55 grams of marijuana, 5 grams of hashish, a half-ounce of liquid LSD, two digital scales and $400 cash.

In a raid of his room, police also found mushrooms, 31 marijuana cookies and other drug paraphernalia, according to the Daily Princetonian.

The kid kingpin now faces five to 10 years in prison and up to $300,000 in fines for 13 counts of possession and intent to distribute drugs. He’s out on $25,000 bail and will appear in court in January.

The street value of all the drugs Edgren had is around $3,000, according to the student newspaper.

From the NY Daily News

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