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4th Graders Plotted To Kill Teacher Because She Was “Mean”

January 11, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
4th Graders Plotted To Kill Teacher Because She Was “Mean”

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Concerned parents and a school board member foiled a group of school children’s plan to kill their fourth grade teacher. The alleged incident happened back in December just before winter break, and according to the police report, three students were involved.

Their plan was to expose a teacher to anti-bacterial products because she is highly allergic to them. A board member contacted police after she heard of the plan from other parents and her son.

The report, provided by the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department, said, “the suspects made comments to other students that they were going to kill [the teacher] by putting antibacterial products around the classroom.”

Youth officers interviewed the suspected students with their parents and school officials present. One student stated that her teacher “yells at us and that the class has problems with her.”

Another student seemed to indicate the plan to poison the teacher started with yet another student.

According to the incident report, the principal and school counselor told police the students contradicted themselves because their stories were different than what they said the day before meeting with the youth officers.

In the end, the school decided it would handle the case, so the Sheriff’s Department is no longer involved.

A motive isn’t clear, however the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department report indicated alleged bullying in the classroom, and the officers were told that particular class of fourth graders “had problems working together.”


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