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Moment Teen Pulls Over to Help Cop Struck in Hit And Run Only to Find Out It’s Her Father

January 11, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Moment Teen Pulls Over to Help Cop Struck in Hit And Run Only to Find Out It’s Her Father

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A police officer in Florida was seriously injured on Monday after a female he pulled over decided to flee, dragging the cop and sending him flying to the ground.

And in a shocking twist,, a teenager who pulled over to help turned out to be the cop’s own daughter.

The incident occurred around 2 pm on the southbound end of the Pensacola Bay Bridge in Gulf Breeze.

Sgt. Kerstan Tatro had pulled over 30-year-old Amy Lee Giorgio, for speeding.

Tatro approached Giorgio on her drivers side window in the left lane and asked her to step out of the vehicle to perform a sobriety test, instead she started the car and slammed the gas. The police car’s dash cam camera videoed the entire incident.

In it, Tatro then can be heard yelling at the driver: ‘Don’t f—ing do this’

But instead Giorgio takes off, dragging Tatro alongside her car before he is thrown to the side of the roadway.

Tatro can be heard reeling in pain as motorists stop  to assist the injured officer, including Tatro’s daughter, who happened to be passing by when she notice an officer down.

As the girl gets out of the vehicle, she shockingly realizes it’s her own father on the ground, and immediately began screaming my dad that’s my dad, Tatro told Fox 10 from his hospital bed.

‘I was thinking, what is she doing here? ‘You go to work every night and they say be careful, and I say, “I promise. I’ll be careful, I’ll be home”. ‘And that’s a promise I have to keep.’ Tatro said.

Tatro suffered a broken right arm.

Giorgio was arrested a shortly after the incident after a motorist who witnessed the events followed her from the scene and phoned police, according to KHOU.

Police had also discovered drugs in her possession at the time of her arrest.

Police say Giorgio has had a number prior arrests for drug offenses.

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