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Ohio Prosecutor Issues Arrest Warrant for 9 Year-old Boy, for Theft of a Pack of Gum

January 12, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Ohio Prosecutor Issues Arrest Warrant for 9 Year-old Boy, for Theft of a Pack of Gum

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According to the DailyMail, an Ohio prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant for a nine-year-old boy over after he  allegedly shoplifted a pack of chewing gum.

Barry McHugh, Prosecuting Attorney in Kootenai County, said the warrant for the boy was issued after he ‘failed to appear’ in court over the alleged theft.

However, The boy’s family maintain he only failed to turn up for his court date because he had no way of getting him to the court house, local police say.

Even though it is not uncommon for charges to be brought about in cases of theft of smaller items, even a pack of chewing gum, it is not common to issue an arrest warrant for a child so young.

‘I was surprised that it had gotten to this level,’ Post Falls Chief of Police Scott Haug told KHQ.
Police Chief Haug told the TV-channel that he had never seen an arrest warrant for someone so young in his 30-year career in the force.

The arrest warrant had been issued by McHugh after the nine-year-old missed his second court date.

But as Police Chief Haug explained, the boy only missed his day in court because his family had no way to get to the court house.

‘Had we known that before the court date we would have provided something for the family, some sort of assistance,’  Police Chief Haug told KHQ.

The boy is now currently in a Juvenile Detention Center awaiting another date to be set for him to appear before a judge over alleged shoplifting.

They must not have a lot going on in Kootenai County, for them to waist taxpayer money on such a minor offense.

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