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Floyd Mayweather Gets Into Verbal Sparring Match With LA Clippers’ Matt Barnes

January 17, 2015  |  Posted by: Giovanni DePhillips
Floyd Mayweather Gets Into Verbal Sparring Match With LA Clippers’ Matt Barnes Image courtesy of foxsports.com

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As Manny Pacquiao waits for Floyd Mayweather to sign the contract that will give the boxing world the fight it has been craving for six years, Mayweather has instead chosen to want to fight a basketball player instead.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Matt Barnes was not happy about the constant heckling coming from court side from non other than Floyd Mayweather, and Matt Barnes responded with some trash talk right back at Floyd and even gave the champ the crotch area salute.

Image courtesy of jocksandstilettojill.com

Image courtesy of jocksandstilettojill.com

The bickering took place during the Clippers’ 126-121 loss to Cleveland on Friday with Jay-Z and Beyonce also being in attendance.

When asked about Mayweather’s trash talk after the game, Barnes would not comment over the verbal sparring.

“I don’t care,” he told reporters. “You want to talk about basketball? We talk about basketball. I’m not talking about nobody off the court. We talk about basketball or I’m not talking.”

Clippers coach Doc Rivers says that Mayweather didn’t distracted Barnes, who finished with 17 points in the loss. However, Rivers did say he didn’t see the back and forth trash talk take place but said he does not think taunting from high-profile fans including Mayweather is appropriate.

The boxer expressed interest in purchasing the team last year and is often seen at games with his huge entourage.

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